Prolom banja-Đavolja varoš-Kuršumlija

Niš – Prolom banja - Đavolja varoš - Kuršumlija – Niš

Price : 60 euros per person

9h breakfast at hotel Vivaldi Suites.

10h departure from the hotel to the Kuršumlija.

11:30h we arrive at Kuršumlija. We go for the visit to monastery St. Nikola, the oldest foundation Stefana Nemanje and it represents one of the oldest monuments, of monumental middle age architekture in Serbia. We are continuing to monastery Presvete Bogorodice which is settle at estuary Kosanice in Toplica, 800 metars downstream from manastir Sv. Nikola. Stefan Nemanja has devote this manastir to his wife Ana who managed it four some time.

13h Departure to Prolom banja.

13:50h we are arriving at Prolom banja. Walk to the church Lazarice for which there is belliving that at it there was the last prayer of the Serbian army from this landscape before they went to the Kosovski boj. Here you will see unusual natural phenomen - twisted plums and hear legends about them.

14:30h Departure to Đavolja varoš.

15h Comes in Đavolja varoš. Detour of this natural monument with unusual look, that contains of earth figures at which tops are located stone blocks – hats. Earth pyramides, or how does the local population call them “the towers”, have height from 2 till 15m.

In the locality there is a possibility of lunch in a tavern Dva Ambara (not included in price), after then departure to Niš.




Monasterys in Đunis – Sokobanja

Niš – monasterys in Đunis – Sokobanja - Niš

Price : 50 euros per person

9h  breakfast at hotel Vivaldi  Suites.

10h  departure from hotel to the monastery Presveta Bogorodica in Đunis..

11h We are arriving in Đunis. Walk to the monastery of the Presveta Bogorodica for which there is a belief that its water has curative properties. The monastery keeps a few books from the 19th century. Especially interesting and valuable one larger stone of irregular shape, which is kept in the monastery. According to legend, the stone was thrown Bogorodica and requested that in the place where it falls raise church dedicated to her.

12h  Departure for the monastery of the St. Roman.

12:15h  we are arriving in monastery of the St. Roman The emergence of the monastery linked to the period of nearly 11 centuries. Here are reposed Roman, a student of Cyril and Methodius, in the tenth century. In addition to the tomb of St. Roman, since word got out that the place of miraculous healing, was built first church dedicated to the Blagovesti, and soon afterwards and the monastery, one of the largest and oldest Serbian sanctity. Rumor has it that in the courtyard of the monastery buried noble heart of Russian volunteers in the Serbian-Turkish wars, Colonel Nikolai Nikolaevich Rajevskog, who died in 1876 at Adrovca, near Aleksinac. Rajevski was the inspiration for the character of Vronsky in Anna Karenina.

13:30h  Departure for Sokobanja.

14:30h  we are arriving in Sokobanja. Sokobanja is a well-known spa and climatic place beyond the borders of Serbia. At its healing springs were first built in the Roman baths, Turkish bath, and Miloševo bathroom, which is now developing into a modern health - recreational center. Sokobanja has a lot of cultural and historical monuments. Free time for sightseeing.

17:00h  departure to Niš.




Nis and area of the city

Tour of Nis and area of the city

Price: 50 euros per person

9h  breakfast at hotel Vivaldi  Suites.

10h  departure from hotel to the monument Čegar.

10:30h arriving at the monument Čegar, that is settle at hill Čegar, near the town Niš, at spot where was placed famous battle from the first Serbian rebellion. There you can see the monument lifted up as a sign of memory at brave Serbian soldiers and theirs commandant Stevan Sinđelić that have died at this place.

11h  departure to Kameniči vis.

11:30h  Kamenički vis  is placed at the hills of Svrljiških mountains, above the village Kamenica, at the height of 750-800 m.. At the north side there is Studeni kladenac the only spring at its nearest enviroment.

12h  departure to Cerjanska cave.

12:40h  The geologs are estimating that Cerjanska cave was created before 2. milion years. The end of the cave was not yet found.. The cave is rich with jewlery which extends with her whole length. The hall have height from 15 to 40 mThe institute for protection of the nature monuments, 1998. year, has proclaimed Cerjansku cave as natural good of the first class.

13:40h  departure to Banja Topilo.

14:15h  arrival at Banja Topilo. TopiloWarm, mineral water (34 C) originate from arround 18 springs, with the force of 10 m/sek. Water is used in terapeutical purposes and it helps at healing of reumatical diseases and diseases of nervous systemIt is used at illness of stomach, inflamations of gallblader, kidneys and urinal tracts.

15:30h  departure to Cave Samar.

16h Cave Samar  is long over 3 kilometarsThe cave has uniqe karst form – a natural stone bridge. The river is going out at the other end of cave making waterfall with the heist of 5 metars. Since 1955. year the cave system Samar is protected good.

17h  departure to Malča.

18h  late lunch in vine basemant in Malča (not included in price) and after that departure for Niš.